Australian Institute of Architects

Find an architect profile member login

This administrative part of 'Find an Architect' is used to create, edit or maintain your practice's 'Find an Architect' profile.

Principals of an A+ Member or Practice Member
Use your individual member number and password to create, edit and maintain your practice's profile.
If you need your individual membership password reset or created, please go to the member login page on the Institute's website.

All other members or nominated staff
All other members or a nominated person within the practice will need to use their 'Employer Login'. This is a separate login to your normal member number and password. It is used rather than your individual login for purposes relating to the entire practice. If you do not know your 'Employer Login' and password, please contact your local Chapter who will be able to create or reset it for you. The 'Employer Login' looks like: E1234. It uses a separate password than your individual member login.

Note: As the 'Employer Login' allows information relating to the practice to be changed, it will only be provided to senior persons within the organisation.